This webinar, co-hosted with Breakthrough India, focuses on the experience and lessons on scaling gender norm shift interventions through the Ministry of Education in Odisha and Punjab in India. Breakthrough is a non-profit organisation that works to address gender inequality and violence against women in India. Its innovation is Taaron ki Toli, or Group of Stars, a school-based programme for adolescent girls and boys which aims to change gender attitudes, aspirations, and behaviours of students that sustain gender inequalities. The session features a panel that will discuss scaling challenges, particularly for gender interventions that focus on norm shifts and M&E tools to support scaling efforts. The webinar also includes a Q&A section.

The meeting is moderated by Rachna Nag Chowdhuri: Co-Chair of the CoP’s M&E Working Group and Senior Vice President of Impact at the Global Innovation Fund
The following guest speakers are featured in this discussion:
  • Yogita Verma: Head of Resource Mobilisation & Communication at Breakthrough India
  • Swati Chakraborti: Director of Research & Evaluation at Breakthrough India
  • Larry Cooley: Co-Chair of the M&E Working Group and Founder of Management Systems International (MSI)


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