Organizer: Jenny Perlman Robinson
Moderator: Larry Cooley
Presenter: Maud Seghers
This webinar focused on sharing a scalability checklist and user guide based on an existing resource developed by MSI and adapted to education through a process led by Belgian NGO VVOB.  VVOB provided an overview of contents of the new tool and discussed how it can be used to guide and plan for scaling. Additionally, key take-aways were shared on the process of adapting a generic scaling tool to the education sector and how this might be relevant for contextualizing other resources. We also had the opportunity during this workshop to hear from others developing scaling-related guidance and resources.
9:00 AM—9:10 AM Welcome, Jenny Perlman Robinson, Senior Fellow, Center for Universal Education at Brookings
9:10 AM—9:15 AM Introduction of Education Scalability Checklist, Larry Cooley, President Emeritus and Senior Advisor, MSI
9:15 AM—9:35 AM Presentation of Education Scalability Checklist, Maud Seghers, Senior Education Advisor – TVET, VVOB
9:35 AM—9:50 AM Questions and observations
9:50 AM—10:05 AM Breakout rooms to discuss application of checklist
10:05 AM—10:25 AM Plenary discussion, moderated by Larry Cooley
10:25 AM—10:30 AM Wrap-up and plans for future webinars, Jenny Perlman Robinson



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