The Mainstreaming Initiative is based on the Concept Note approved by the Executive Committee of the Scaling CoP. It builds on prior work, including an exploratory study prepared for the initiative which lays out the existing knowledge base.

Scaling Up Through Aid-The Real Challenge

Summary At the Gleneagles Summit in 2005, leaders of the G8 group of nations committed to increase aid to poor nations by $50 billion per year. During the same year, in a meeting in Paris, donors promised to coordinate their interventions for more effective delivery. Th ese commitments are now often referred to as the promise of donors to “scale […]

Mainstreaming the Scaling Agenda in Development Funder Organizations: A Review

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Exploratory Study of Mainstreaming Scaling

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Hardwiring the scaling-up habit in donor organizations

Reposted from Hardwiring the scaling-up habit in donor organizations, 12/16/2021, Editor’s note:This blog is based on a presentation on mainstreaming scaling in donor organizations at the Workshop of the Community of Practice, November 2021. If the international community is to meet global development and climate challenges, in particular the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement climate targets, everyone involved […]

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