Dear Scaling Community,

I am pleased to share news of the upcoming Global Implementation Conference (GIC-,  taking place virtually May 3-6, 2021. With strong links to scale-up work, the conference is a leading implementation event with delegates from all over the globe, representing a wide range of sectors and disciplines. This year’s GIC will feature feature cutting edge implementation research, real-world application of implementation practice and policy in diverse contexts, and a special focus on overcoming inequity in human service systems by targeting its root causes. Scaling and sustainment is among the wide range of topics over four days of panels, interactive workshops, storyboard sessions, and networking events. There is much to learn and to share!

Colleagues from LMICs are encouraged to apply before February 28th for a scholarship to participate via this link Scholarships will cover participation in the four-day meeting and a year of membership in the Global Implementation Society ( Please share the link with colleagues who could benefit and please consider joining this exciting cross-sectoral learning opportunity.

Many thanks for taking an interest in the meeting.

Sincerely, ~ Laura Ghiron, Member, ExpandNet Secretariat (



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