The Scaling Up Community of Practice (CoP) held its 5th Annual Workshop on 19-30 October 2020. Three virtual plenary sessions and nine virtual working group (WG) sessions covered a wide range of scaling aspects. Recordings of these sessions are available on the CoP’s website ( and are summarized in the CoP’s Newsletter #19 which can be downloaded from the website.

Following the Workshop, the CoP commissioned Richard Kohl to review all of the materials from the Workshop and to prepare a paper identifying and exploring the major cross-cutting issues that emerged from the discussions.  This paper, CoP Working Paper #1, is intended to shape the deliberations and additional knowledge products by the CoP and its 9 Working Groups during 2021.  It is also intended as a contribution to deeper exploration within the development community about strategies for achieving sustainable outcomes at scale. 

The full paper can be found here.



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