Changing the Way We Care is seeking a consultant to help with some strategic planning work around scaling. The main points within the scope include support to facilitating a process to help CTWWC:

  • Better understand what the challenges and successes of “going to scale” are within development programs, the care reform sector and within influence initiatives;
  • Understand the gaps in the initiative’s current theoretical frameworks related to scaling and tipping points;
  • Define scale in the regional and global influence and engagement work;
  • Work across teams to develop a vision for scale that is shared with key actors (within each country or among key global and regional actors for global and regional scaling);
  • Move the CTWWC teams forward in building their capacity to speak about scale, gather consensus about what tipping points would look like, and implement strategic activities to scale-up; and
  • Support country and global teams to develop plans/activities to reach tipping points and monitor their progress

For additional information, please read the CTWWC SOW and follow the application instructions towards the end of the document.



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