This collection of three case studies was prepared with the goal of demonstrating how the Scaling Principles of the Scaling Community of Practice can be applied to actual cases of scaling.[1] All three cases are “retrospective” in the sense that they look back at scaling experience for three programs or initiatives and explore how their scaling approaches align with the Scaling Principles and whether the Principles provide a useful lens through which to assess actual scaling experience, both in monitoring ongoing scaling efforts and in ex post evaluations of completed programs. They also offer two alternative templates of how future case studies might be conducted to provide a broader basis for understanding and assessment of the Principles – one which applies the principles and lessons at the level of individual lessons (in the first two case studies), while the other only applies only the principles, not the specific lessons (in the third case study).

[1] These Scaling Principles are based on a review of the scaling literature and practice found in Kohl and Linn (2021).

The full paper can be found here.


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