Lessons Learned About the Effective Use of Evidence and Intermediaries to Achieve Sustainable Outcomes at Scale Through Government Pathways

Increasingly, governments and international development actors recognize the importance and challenges of achieving impact at scale, but there remains a glaring gap between stated intentions and actual practices. A movement is emerging to professionalize discussions about scale and scaling and to place these issues in the center of the development conversation; and the Global Community of Practice on Scaling Development Outcomes (CoP) has been actively engaged at the crossroads of this movement. Active since 2015, the CoP’s 2000+ members – representing more than 400 official donors, foundations, governments, academic institutions, think tanks, NGOs, private companies and social enterprises – are drawn from the global north and the global south. The CoP’s mission is to use its multi-sectoral composition, diversity, independence and convening capacity to provide direct support to its members and to professionalize the practice of scaling in members’ organizations and more broadly…

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  1. Edward Jusu 2 years ago

    The first was very useful and would like to be part of the coming one

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