Youth Employment Working Group: Policy Level Interventions by Governments, Helene Cyr, Education Development Center (EDC)

This Youth Employment Working Group Coffee and Bagel session will focus on policy level interventions by governments and feature speaker Helene Cyr, from the Education Development Center (EDC). Helene Cyr: We (EDC) conducted two analysis aiming at answering the following trivial question: "If the Government of (Senegal or Rwanda) wishes to expand employability and entrepreneurship programs at the national level, […]

Youth Employment Working Group: Labor Market Disruptions, Shalini Dwivedi, Generation: You Employed and Kristina Morzan, FHI 360

This Youth Employment Working Group session will focus on labor market disruptions and feature speakers Shalini Dwivedi from Generation: You Employed and Kristina Morzan from FHI 360. Shalini Dwivedi: We would love to share lessons learned from our COVID catalyzed shift from in-person to online learning across multiple contexts and at-scale. Kristina Morzan: Lessons from the Field: Supporting Skills Providers Adaptation […]

Education Working Group: Edtech Solutions and Their Scaling Implications (Date TBD)

This session will focus on the promise and perils of education technology for improving education for all sustainably and at scale. It will include a discussion of strategies for the effective use of education technology for scaling impact, supported by evidence, as well as identify where critical knowledge gaps remain.

Youth Employment Working Group: Holistic Approaches, Lucia Diaz-Martin J-PAL

This Youth Employment Working Group Coffee and Bagel session will focus on holistic approaches and feature speaker Lucia Diaz-Martin from J-PAL. Lucia Diaz-Martin: J-PAL has a new research initiative called the Gender and Economic Agency Initiative (GEA). We are interested in addressing evidence gaps related to women's work, with a focus on East Africa and South Asia. An important theme […]

Education Working Group: Exploring how costing data can inform scaling decisions (Date TBD)

This session will focus on the importance of cost data to inform scaling decisions, and more specifically, how to move from a focus on project resources to larger-scale and more sustainable sources of financing, such as national education budgets. While this session is still under development based on members’ interests, it could include a presentation on demystifying cost data collection, […]

Youth Employment Working Group: Leveraging Evidence for Action

This roundtable will focus on the role of evidence to mobilize stakeholders, foster policy change and influence local eco-system. Questions to Consider: 1. What indicators can be used to provide reliable and informative evidence that large-scale youth employment interventions are effective, efficient, and scalable? 2. How do we use research and evidence to change policies around scaling youth programs? 3. […]

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