GIZ (the German Agency for Development Cooperation) has long been focused on supporting scaling the impact of development programs in partner countries through its funding and technical assistance. In 2016 GIZ developed a guidance document for scaling, and published a brochure with case studies in 2018. During 2022, GIZ commissioned a review of its approach to scaling. The webinar will feature a presentation of the results of this review and GIZ’s plans for further strengthening its mainstreaming efforts.

The Scaling CoP is undertaking an “action research” initiative to support mainstreaming in funder organizations. This involves a two-year program of work for 2023-2024 summarized in the Concept Note approved by the CoP’s Executive Committee in November 2022. The initiative was launched at the first session of the CoP’s Annual Workshop in January 2023 and is supported by a grant from Agence Française de Développement. The initiative aims to work with a broad range of funder organizations in collecting evidence on their mainstreaming experience, lessons and plans, in gaining insights about funder practices from recipients, and in partnering with OECD-DAC to assist in the development of scaling principles or standards for funders. The GIZ review of its mainstreaming experience presented in this webinar was carried out in connection with the CoP’s mainstreaming initiative and is the first example of a funder-led mainstreaming review. Subsequent webinars are expected to share the mainstreaming experience of other funders.

The webinar features an introduction of the GIZ mainstreaming review and its findings by GIZ colleagues and by the scaling expert, Richard Kohl, who carried out the review. This is followed by comments from a representative of a recipient country, Nepal, and from an official of the OECD-DAC. A question and answer period concludes the webinar.

Johannes Linn, Co-Chair, Scaling Community of Practice
  • Richard Kohl, Founder, Center for Large Scale Social Change LLC
  • Arlett Stojanovic, Head of CC Innovation, Center for Large Scale Social Change LLC
  • Bishnu Datta Guatam, Former joint secretary for Planning and Development Assistance in the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Nepal
  • Benjamin Kumpf, Head of Innovation for Development Facility, OECD
  • Larry Cooley, Co-Chair, Scaling Community of Practice


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