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With the current crisis keeping most people around the world inside their homes except for the essentials, people have needed to readjust their routines regularly, whether that means work, communication with loved ones, or other things entirely.

And few people have been hit as hard as students, whether they are in kindergarten or their last year of high school. College students face the prospect of online-only classes, something that probably annoys them just as much as their professors.

Fortunately, the internet and the wide selection of tools it can offer are a saving grace during these trying times. There are learning apps and programs that can utilize videos, multiple forms of media, video chat with instructors, guided courses, and much more to provide an education that is as effective as possible, given the circumstances. More interestingly, there is content on everything and for everyone, and people of all ages are now giving distance and online learning a try.

To help you with this process, we have looked into and found some of the best distance learning tools for people of all ages, whether they’re focused on sharing content, helping people better connect to educators, or simply supporting their family members’ education.


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