The Scaling Community of Practice (CoP) is a network of development and climate change professionals who are working to achieve impact at scale. It hosted its inaugural workshop in February 2015, where a group of 45 invited participants agreed to establish the CoP as a platform for sharing scaling experience and learning across sectors. The CoP’s mission is to integrate, distill and consolidate scaling expertise with a view to improving the quality of scaling efforts and encouraging more development and climate actors to adopt a scaling mindset and best practices.
Today, the CoP has grown to over 4,200 members from around the world. This growth is a testament to the value that the CoP provides to its members. It is also indicative of the growing interest in scaling. The idea of developing more scalable and sustainable interventions has moved beyond the “early adopters” and is now attracting broader mainstream interest. The CoP is poised to play an important role in accelerating this transition…



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