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The M&E Working Group is made up of individuals from more than 100 official donors, foundations, think tanks, implementing partners, and host governments united by their interest in developing guidelines and standards, methods, and other best practices for the use of information and analysis to guide scaling.  Areas of particular interest for the group include re-examining the role and use of R&D and pilot projects; scalability assessment; implementation mapping; real-time data collection and use; adaptive learning; developmental evaluation; and tips for enhancing information utilization.  Members of the Working Group include professionals from across all major sectors, and the group explicitly tries to take full advantage of the possibilities for transferring lessons and experience from one sector to another.  In addition to quarterly virtual meetings, the Working Group encourages and supports informal exchanges among its members on a variety of subjects.  Like all CoP Working Groups, participation in, and management of, the M&E Working Group is done on a purely voluntary basis.

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