The Scaling Community of Practice (SCoP) is a global network of 4,000+ professionals from 400 organizations in 70 countries. The SCoP and its members are committed to ensuring that development and climate organizations adopt systematic approaches to achieve sustainable outcomes that match the scale of some of the world’s most significant and most urgent problems.

The SCoP was launched in February of 2015. It is voluntary and member-led, overseen by an Executive Committee of 32 individuals from multilateral and bilateral donors, think tanks, NGOs, universities, foundations, and private firms. It operates 10 sectoral and thematic Working Groups focused on scaling issues in: Agriculture and Rural Development, Education, Health, Nutrition, Climate Change, Youth Employment, Social Enterprise, Monitoring and Evaluation, Fragile States, and Mainstreaming Scaling. It serves as a platform for peer exchange and field building, hosting webinars on a wide range of topics and generating a range of knowledge and advocacy products.

The SCoP’s has, since its launch, hosted an Annual Forum, originally in person and, for the last three years, virtually. This year was the 8th such Forum and this document summarizes each of its sessions.

The Executive Committee was particularly gratified by the quality, depth and nuance in this year’s sessions. The SCoP benefitted tremendously from the breadth and diversity of views reflected by speakers and participants. This year’s Annual Forum engaged a total of more than 1,000 participants in twelve, 90-minute sessions featuring speakers from the following 52 host governments, funders, implementers, academia, think tanks, and advocacy groups


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